Stay Profitable, Still Sustainable

Pitchakorn Punpornmatee | Lodging Partner Associate II, Expedia Group in Bangkok

There is a saying “Travel is a force for good” and I totally agree. The travel industry is huge nowadays and it is certainly continuing to grow bigger and bigger. It has become a part of our lives when a break from the stresses of work is needed.

Who does not love traveling? … I believe ‘nobody’. It could even be something addictive for somebody like me. Working in the travel business has been my dream job, and with Expedia Group, what I get is more than just a regular job.

“We don’t just do it simply and we are always Relentlessly Striving for Better.”

I have been working with Expedia Group for a year and a half, and out of all of the jobs I have had, I have stayed here the longest. What keeps me here? There’s a ton of reasons: the fun workplace, the positive changes, and the challenges for self-development – but the one thing that stands out for me the most (as a Political Science graduate) is the social development aim and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

So, what does Expedia Group contribute to society?

Let me tell you a story… As a Lodging Partner Associate for the Thai market, I saw first-hand the pain points the small local hoteliers had to face, including high fixed cost, expensive marketing cost, and low bookings during low season. Making just one mistake in managing their resources could potentially lead to business failures and, subsequently, local people losing their jobs. I began to wonder how I would be able to help, and the answer is Expedia’s Online Platform.

I get to see with my own eyes that Expedia Group strives to be Locally Relevant on a Global Basis (one of our Guiding Principles). I provide our business partners with knowledge of how to maximize their profits by increasing their revenues and reducing marketing costs through the use of the online platform. What I suddenly realized is that the local Thai entrepreneurs could also benefit from innovation to be more competitive. As travel trends are now changing, with travelers no longer requiring guided tours and tending to organize their own trips for more flexibility and more local experiences, innovation through online platforms can play a key role in connecting both domestic and international travelers to local communities without the interference of the middlemen. This way, money can flow directly from travelers to the communities, and create direct income distribution, which can considerably help to narrow the social gap while increasing people’s well-being. And Expedia Group has been doing well in building that bridge to connect local hoteliers with travelers.

On top of that, Expedia Group also proactively encourages Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through Expedia Cares with the missions to align with 8 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. This can literally change the lives of millions of people.

I have also participated in Global Day of Caring activities; for example, donating clothes and books, helping in a beach cleaning day, etc. We also have the platform for all employees across continents to give a donation for those countries affected by a natural disaster (Expedia Group’s disaster relief program). The recent one that we helped to raise donations for was the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is a good example of One Team, Group First – a Guiding Principles that encourages us to work together to make a better world.

I believe the big companies these days should be moving toward being more sustainable, rather than just being more profitable. Expedia Group is definitely one of those, we have continuously been working on this part, with direct and indirect aids. Either way, more or less, I am happy to play a part in promoting, helping, and sustaining local communities and beautiful cities around the world through this global travel technology company, Expedia Group.

Possibilities are endless at Expedia Group

Christine Gabrielle Lasa | Lodging Content Associate, Expedia Group in Manila, Philippines

Two and a half years ago, I began my journey with Expedia Group as a Lodging Content Agent (LCA) and frankly, I did not really know what kind of culture to expect from this technology company – but of course, I was excited about my new journey.

What is an LCA, and what does one do? Simply, I take care of activating newly-acquired properties on our Expedia sites by collecting lots of details from the hotel partner directly. I make sure the displayed content of our partners is accurate and thorough so that travelers experience ease and convenience when planning their trip.

Over two years of doing this job, how do I feel about my role today? Significant.

Being a millennial, I want to feel valued in the organization and find meaning in my work.

We have this thing called ‘’Associate Idea Machine’’ (AIM) that allows anyone to suggest how to make current processes more efficient and improve our platform: Partner Central. When we submit an idea and it gets considered for further enhancement, we feel we have contributed to the organization. The exciting bit about it is the ripple effect of your idea and how far it could reach. Possibilities are endless.  I am always stoked when my idea is taken a step further and placed into the work pipeline for enhancement.

Expedia provides an environment that inspires people. It gives recognition to those who live out the corporate values in their work.

When I received my recognition for demonstrating Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles: ‘’We act as one team’’ and ‘’We organize for speed’’, it drove me to “strive relentlessly for better!”  The recognition was an affirmation that I was adding value to the workplace.    

I briefly mentioned what I do at the beginning of this post, but to elaborate more about my role, I also help other regions with activating their newly-acquired partners whenever I have the bandwidth to help. If I’m not turning newly-acquired properties Live, I’m handling hotel partner’s request to change their star rating on the website or managing the policy requests partners would like to have displayed on their page. I take part in some test and learn projects too before an initiative is rolled-out.

Taking initiative and offering a helping hand with cross-support work goes a long way. Not only do other LCA teams from different regions get to know me, but by helping other teams with their Onboarding queue, I’m also helping our new hotel partners open their doors for opportunities for traveler bookings to come in.

I’ve been enjoying my stay here because Expedia Group does an excellent job demonstrating humility. This is an international multi-million-dollar company and considering how big this brand is, I attest to the fact that my thoughts and ideas are heard at an agent-level position. You don’t have to be in management to be heard. Likewise, I find the quality of communication within the organization is awesome.

‘’Random Coffee’’ is an initiative that was recently rolled out and this allows us to expand our network and meet new people from other regions even outside APAC. Employees get paired up no matter what level they are in the organization and this resonates humility because everyone is given the opportunity to ask career and business questions to the other person they’re paired up with for random coffee. The environment is truly welcoming.

My experience working for Expedia Group for over two years has been favorable and I continue to look forward to the endless possibilities where my career in this organization will take me.

Within Reach

Lizzie Jones | Associate Recruiter, Expedia Group in Bellevue, Washington

Corporate recruiting pro-tip: you must be an (unofficial) brand ambassador for your company’s product. Professionally, because business acumen is fundamental to sharing opportunities with candidates. Personally, because it’s important to sell a product you believe in. When I received the opportunity to join Expedia Group earlier this year, I was ecstatic to have the unofficial responsibility to be a travel ambassador. Why? Because I don’t like traveling.

  • I love adventuring.
  • I love arriving at a destination, unexplored.
  • I love taking in the sights and smells of a city I’ve never been to.
  • I love sharing laughs and fumbled conversations with locals I’ll probably never see again.

What I don’t like is comparing flights, researching the best/safest hotels and figuring out what attractions to see. Too. Many. Logistics! I hoped that joining a tech company with a travel product might change my perspective on travel. Thus, I made a goal to book 12 trips with Expedia within my first 12 months of employment (update: I am on track to hit 12!) I envisioned doing a solo-trip to the middle-of-nowhere New Zealand to “self-reflect” or maybe a 1-month long yoga retreat in the Himalayas. I saw myself exploring safaris and ancient ruins. Scuba-diving and sandboarding. Instead, I discovered something greater: friendship.

Of the 8 trips I’ve taken so far, all but 1 have been somewhere on the West Coast (my mind’s telling me “Kilimanjaro,” but my bank account is telling me “San Francisco”). Though most of my travels remained domestic, here are a few things I did:

  • Was in the same state with 2 of my best friends for the first time since we all graduated college 3 years ago
  • Re-connected with a friend I had lost touch with (who only lives 2 states away)
  • Watched several of my friends graduate with their Master’s degrees and met some of their family members for the first time
  • Made new friends by meeting people at graduations, birthdays, events, and festivals that I might not otherwise have met

This year has taught me two major things about travel:

  1. It can be easy (I arranged all my trips on the Expedia Group app – I even bought tickets for one of my trips in a Lyft on the way to a coffee shop).
  2. Travel does not have to be “exotic” to count.

Don’t get me wrong, I still plan to explore many more places abroad (Greece 2019, I have been $aving up for you!) But I’ve also learned the immense value in traveling to stay connected with people and deepen relationships.

Expedia Group’s mission is to bring the world within reach. But for me, Expedia does that and more – it brings my world within reach.

From a Lodging Content Associate (LCA) to a Content Manager in Bangkok

Daranee Khanijou | Manager of Lodging Content Operations, Expedia Group in Bangkok

I joined Expedia Group on September 30th, 2013 as my first job out of University. My original plan was to stay for two years to build career experience before I continue my Masters. Since then, it has been 5 great years and here I am, still continuing to do what I love and passionate for.

My journey with Expedia Group started as a Lodging Content Associate and we were the 1st AR (All Rounder) Team through the launch of Go Big Thailand. Being the youngest member on the team, I asked a lot of questions and received a lot of great advice from both my manager and my colleagues. I was given the opportunity to voice my ideas and watch my feedback be implemented, I feel heard despite of my age or experience.

Here at Expedia Group, everyone stands equal – where we value each other’s feedback and help to shape one another to become a stronger individual for the best of the business. After two years of working cases where I would onboard new properties onto the Expedia Group platform, I was given an opportunity to become a Senior Lodging Content Associate (LCA) where I was able to partake not only in-market projects and assignments but more at APAC-level initiatives. Being a Senior LCA not only helps to strengthen my leadership and analytical skills, but I was also certified in the Continuous Improvement Kaizen Program during those years.

I believe a person who has never punched above her weight class has less of a chance growing stronger. I always strive to utilize my experience and expertise – along with my ambition to take on new challenges. After another 2 years of continuous dedication and enthusiasm, I’ve successfully landed the role of the Content Manager of Bangkok. I’m now managing a strong team of LCAs where we thrive to learn from each other, provide good partner experience, and balance speed/quality in turning new properties LIVE on our platform. We also add value to the business by embedding the guiding principles in our everyday actions.

The backbone of my success comes from my team, my manager, and also my colleagues across Expedia Group who have played a vital role in supporting and guiding me. Working at Expedia Group has allowed me to interact with diverse people across the globe and surround myself with passionate people who have shaped me and helped me to grow mentally and emotionally. Expedia Group has shown me what performance-driven means and I truly believe that we get what we give.

Something I have embraced since day one is “I’m proud to be an Expedian”.

Open Internal Talent Markets Promote Opportunity and Employer Sentiment

Ryan Johne | Reporting & Analysis Manager, Expedia Group in Bellevue, Washington

One of the most stressful events in a professional’s career is changing jobs. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US worker will have ten different jobs before the age of 40 – and that number is projected to rise!

Personally, I fall right into that average. I’ve had seven different roles across three different companies, and let’s just say I’m a far cry from my days of being 20-something. Each of my transitions has been for different reasons as well. I’ve left because I wasn’t happy, and I’ve left because I needed more money to support my growing family.  My most recent move in July was for a yet another new reason – more on that in a few paragraphs…

I’ve been with Expedia Group for over six years now, with no plans to go anywhere…from a company perspective. Expedia Group has a unique benefit that offers their employees a gargantuan pool of job opportunities across job functions, businesses units, and experiences.

At Expedia Group, we have an Open Internal Talent Market, which allows hiring managers to approach employees from other teams within the company. It also gives employees the chance to apply for internal jobs without the (sometimes) awkward conversation with their manager about looking for other opportunities. It may sound a bit unproductive to have several different business groups pining over the best talent in the organization, but it’s not. It gives employees a great opportunity to develop their skills while avoiding ramp-up time with a new company.

Most other large companies offer an open talent market as well, but together with the work/life balance and the rockstar benefits at Expedia Group, being able to try new roles and/or teams is, well…butter-cream frosting on an already delicious baked good (sorry – I’m such a dad).

Back to my most recent transition…

The past four years of my career, I was on Expedia Group’s Global Brand Marketing team. I ran ROI analytics for a large-budget TV advertiser. My college degree is in advertising and the bulk of my career is in analytics, so as one could infer, I had a BOAT-LOAD of passion for the role. To be frank, it was my dream job. I worked with wonderfully smart and fun people who had a similar passion for the advertising world, which led to excellent cutting-edge work, in my humble opinion.

A few weeks before my 4-year mark with the Brand team, I received an email from my [now] manager asking me if I’d be interested in exploring a new opportunity on her team. It was in the HR organization, which, to be frank (again), didn’t seem like a great idea given my history of being less than politically-correct at times. However, as she explained her vision for the team and for my role, I realized something: It’s not advertising I’m passionate about, I’m passionate about using analytics to solve complex business problems. This was a perfect opportunity to challenge myself and apply that mindset to a function with which I am not familiar at all.

So, I jumped, leaving the comfort of Brand Marketing for HR. I jumped, hoping a bungee cord made of analytics experience and dad-jokes would keep me from crashing into a rocky outcrop of uncertainty and potential HR nightmares, given my periodically insensitive humor. I jumped, and I’m so glad I did.

Something I learned along the way is taking risks, in general, to promote health and growth (actually bungee jumping, however, might not prove to be “healthy”). Someone once told me, “If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing” – I’m a firm believer in that mentality. As we all know, growing up is a part of life. But it took this experience to make me realize “growing up” is one of the biggest parts of life…and it never really stops. Thankfully though, “growing up” during adulthood doesn’t include nearly as much voice change.

Let’s be realistic; all jobs eventually run their course and we all move on to the next challenge (remember, I still need three more jobs before I’m 40 to beat the national average!). However, given how many unique opportunities there are at Expedia Group, I have no reason to look anywhere but internally when the time comes, making those risks a lot easier to handle…and hopefully there’s no bungee jumping involved.

From Contractor to Full Time Employee, a Small Success in a Year.

Araya Pensook | Lodging Content Associate, Expedia Group in Bangkok

I started off at Expedia Group as a full-time contractor (12 months) working in the Bangkok Content Team. I was then converted from a contractor to be a full-time employee in January 2018 and I could not be more proud of myself.

I am responsible for onboarding new hotels on our live sites and making them presentable and bookable. The result leads to additional inventories and more revenue for Expedia Group. The job is great, fast-paced and never boring. I get to work with hotel partners to set up their properties and do a lot of collaborative work with other teams.

In 2017, our main goals were hotel acquisition and turning as many live as possible so that we could compete with other Online Travel Agencies. The goals set by our manager are tough. I need to be on my toes most of the time in order to balance the quantity (number of hotels you must turn live daily/weekly/monthly), the quality (Content Score of a hotel we turn live), and speed (Average Handling Time) while also being mindful about new tools, updated process, and possible errors.

Although it was tough, I managed to hit most of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by my manager. I, the newest team member at the time, closed the most cases in 2017. Without help from others, it would have been impossible. The work at Expedia Group is never a one-man show – we are a heavily collaborative environment. The Market Manager team played a big part in making our job easier by facilitating information, and our hotel partners helped us by opening new hotels as fast as possible. Our management teams also listened to our opinions on improving processes and tools which reduced unnecessarily tasks and fastened up the overall onboarding process.

The workload and tough KPIs can get to you sometimes – but to be totally honest, I was not coming to work saying“okay, I need to do whatever to be a full-time employee.” My performance was soaring before I actually thought about this. In hindsight, it was a “Help Me, Help You” situation (please go watch Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire if you do not get the reference). You give it your all in a game but it will not at all matter if there isn’t anybody steering you in the right direction. My manager played a huge role in landing me where I am right now and she went the extra mile to make sure I was worth it. Without her, I would not be a full-time employee, and without me, I would not be here at all, period.

So yes, now I am a full-time employee and I am happy to be working with Expedia Group. I am part of such a great team and family. They see you as who you are and judge you not on your preferences but on how you perform, your attitudes, and the vibes you let on.

I consider myself very lucky to be here and all the hard work has paid off a thousand times.

Expedia is a great workplace where it truly embodies the spirit of work hard, play hard.

Patricia Yu | Associate Market Manage, Expedia Group in Hong Kong

Challenging the company’s president to shots on my second week at work isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first began my Expedian journey. We were in our bi-annual offsite where people across APAC and leaders gather together to meet, discuss and learn from each other during the day. In all seriousness, Expedia is a great workplace where it truly embodies the spirit of work hard, play hard.

My Career Advice

If I were to have the opportunity to go back in time, I would give the following advice to my younger self when I first started working at Expedia Group.

  1. Don’t just challenge people to shots, speak up and challenge each other’s thoughts – if I have to pick one thing that I love most about the company, it would definitely have to be the people. Every day, you are surrounded by some of the smartest people around, so challenge their thoughts and pick their brain! Because of Expedia Group, I can confidently say that I have friends around the world to share different views and embrace diversity.
  2. Take risks and seize opportunities – throughout my career at Expedia Group, my focus has always been in the Hong Kong market. One day, my director came up and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime – to manage the whole of Macau! I was ecstatic. yet at the back of my mind, I was scared. Though Macau is so close to Hong Kong, it is two completely different worlds. Would I do a good job? Would I let my team down? Banishing these negative thoughts and taking a leap of faith by saying yes was one of the scariest things – yet the best thing I have done. The opportunities and things that I have learnt from Macau has further accelerated my skills as an account manager.
  3. Enjoy the ride – I am a person that strives for results and tend to focus on the destination rather than the journey. As the saying goes, winning is like a pie-eating contest in which the prize for winning is more pie. Rather than looking for the reward, bring meaning to work and life by sitting back and observe how much you have grown and developed. Changing this mindset made me excited to wake up and go to work (on most days).

Career Check-in with Laura Molnar

Laura Molnar | Senior Manager of Brand Marketing, Travelocity in Dallas, Texas

What does your typical workday look like?

My day is filled with diverse activities, from conducting customer research, planning marketing campaigns with cross-functional partners, and working on marketing strategies in support of new product launches.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Expedia Group?

Balance! We work hard but also ensure that we live balanced lives. By encouraging balance, Travelocity employees are fulfilled and able to contribute even more to their jobs.

What makes your team unique?

I love my team! We have so much fun at work. Every day is filled with laughter. At Travelocity, we bring our full self to work. We celebrate our differences because we know that diversity of opinion makes us better. We genuinely care that each and every person is successful in their business and personal lives.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

At times we have to come up with unique and cost-effective ways to solve problems. Customer research can come with a hefty price tag when you are working with outside vendors. In an effort to spend time more efficiently, I took all of our research in-house. Due to the savings in time and spend, several other brands in the portfolio adopted our approach. It was exciting to see Travelocity spearhead the way!

Who has influenced you the most?

It’s almost impossible to answer this question because I’m continually learning from those around me. I’d have to say, from a work standpoint, it’s probably my team – we are close-knit and work seamlessly together. We’re all passionate about our brand and our roles, and it’s great to be around that kind of energy and enthusiasm every day!

How and where do you find inspiration?

To inspire creativity and new ideas in my job, I make sure I read as much as I can. From marketing publications, brand marketing books, and the Wall Street Journal, I try to learn as much as I can from other brands in the marketplace.

How did you learn to embrace failure?

I am always learning to embrace failure. A book that has been influential in accepting failure is Failing Forward. You can’t learn and grow if you fear failing.

What is your favorite piece of career advice?

Be here now. This phrase is two-fold. First, when you are at work and in meetings, it is important not to multi-task. Keep focused on the current task at hand. Phones and computers can be distracting, as we do everything on them. Even though it is not as easy for me, I choose to take notes in a book rather than on my computer so that people know that I am there with them and clued into the discussion.

The second part of the phrase is more long-term. Work is not always perfect and at times, we wonder why we are where we are. The important thing to remember is that every step encompasses learning that will benefit you in the future. So, when a day gets monotonous, just remember that there is a reason and soak up as much learning as you can.

Tell us about your favorite vacation?

I took my mom to Turkey for her 70th birthday. We rented a car and drove over 2k miles throughout the country. One of her bucket list items was to take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. It was the most fantastic experience, as hundreds of hot air balloons rose in unison with the sun across the landscape.

What is your favorite weekend getaway?

I am originally from Laguna Beach, CA. So, anytime I can go home to visit my family, I will. When I am home I hike, eat my weight in sushi, surf, run on the beach, and enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean.

Interviewing – Top 6 Tips for Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Laura Wilson | Recruiter, Egencia in Bellevue, Washington

The old saying of “throw your name in the hat” is just not going to cut it in today’s job market. Especially if you are seeking to work for an industry leader and/or highly sought-after company. The competition for job seekers is tough so you need to do what you can to stand out among the crowd.

Being a Recruiter for Egencia, when it comes to job searching, you name it and I have seen it. I have directly seen what works and what doesn’t. Below are some tips, and although they will not guarantee you a job offer, it will get you going in the right direction and help to best prepare you for when that right opportunity presents itself and ensure you are not overlooked.

Tip 1 – Tailor your resume

Don’t assume that Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers will just “know” that you have the experience. If a job description is asking for specific skills and experience, then make sure that is clearly spelled out in your resume.

Take some time to research the company, their culture, and what they value. Give insights on your resume on how you will not only be a great skills match but overall a great fit for the company as well. If you are doing it right, your resumes will probably be slightly different for every job and every company that you apply for.

Tip 2 – Be responsive and meticulous in your communications

If you are in the job market, get in the habit of checking your email multiple times a day and start answering your phone. If you receive any communication with the company, you should follow up in no more than 24 hours (although within 1-3 hours is preferable). This will show the company that you are serious and excited about the position and will also ensure you do not miss out on an opportunity because of timing (sometimes things can move fast!).

You also want to make sure your communications are professional. Ensure there are no spelling errors, avoid slang language, avoid over punctuation (!!!!!), do not use shorthand or aberrations, and lastly, always use a salutation (Hi, Hello, Greetings…) and a complimentary close (Thanks, All the best, Cheers…).

Tip 3 – Know what you want/need to make a move

Before you even start your job search you should sit down and make a list of all your must-haves to even consider making a move. Make sure you communicate these needs and wants so you can have an open dialog with the company about if these needs and wants can be met. This will keep you efficient in your job search and ensure you are investing time in the right opportunities and not just interviewing to interview.

Think about this as if you were buying shoes and you find two pairs of shoes you like. Pair A lists the size and price and is an exact match for your size and budget. Pair B gives you no information. Even though you may like pair B better, you are probably more likely to go with pair A given there are no uncertainties.

Tip 4 – Ask insightful questions

At some point in your interview, someone is going to ask, “Do you have any Questions for me?” While this is a time for you to learn more about the company and position so you can make an informed decision, this is still part of your interview and you are still being judged as a candidate. Come prepared with insightful questions that show you have done research on the company, industry, and overall showcase your business acumen.

Tip 5 – Send “Thank You” follow-ups

The “Thank You” card is still very much alive! It may be a little different from the days when you could send a hand-written card via snail mail but the “Thank You” follow up is still a critical part of the interview process.

  • Include a personal touch which should be something that you and the interviewer related to on a personal level. People want to work with other people they can relate to and this will just remind them that you are that person.
  • Share some ideas or thoughts you have about getting into the role. This will show initiative that you are already picturing yourself in the role and shed some light on what to expect if you were hired.
  • Share some specifics on why you are interested in the role by recalling some points in your conversation that really got you excited for the opportunity.

A smart, thoughtful “Thank You” note is an extension of your interview and will keep you top of mind with the hiring team.

Tip 6 – Practice! Practice! Practice!

Interviewing is a skill and you want to make sure you brush up on those skills before it matters. Find someone that you feel comfortable with and take the time to sit down with them and have them ask you questions. You can look up common interview questions or even create a list of questions on your own that you anticipate being asked. Having someone else ask these questions will give you the practice of saying your answers out loud and telling a story. It will also encourage dialog with your responses which is more typical of an interview situation then just answering questions and moving on to the next.

Although you will probably not get asked the exact questions you practiced, you will at least be in the right mindset and will have already talked through similar responses, so you will feel more relaxed and will come off more confident during your interview.

Overall, go into the interview and be genuine to yourself and your experience.

No one knows you better than you. Don’t go into an interview looking to say what you think the interviewer wants you to say. If you prepare and set yourself up for success as well as being true to yourself, you will find that right opportunity with the right company!

Following these tips will take more time but if you do follow them and stay honest and true to yourself, trust me…it will be worth it when you see a higher rate of responses to your applications and start having more successful interviews!

Your Journey Begins Here

To Jump the Fence

Sarah Ray | Market Manager, Expedia Group in Queenstown

Feeling bored with the same old routine, unchallenged, unmotivated and tired of expectations being met but not exceeded, I knew I needed a change in career. Having worked in hotels for 15+ years it was all I knew. I had lived and breathed hotel life for my entire career, but at 31, there was still plenty of time for a change.

Photo from a General Managers dinner hosted by Expedia at The Rees Hotel and Apartments.

I live in Queenstown and as a Revenue Manager of a hotel chain, I had always had a strong relationship with my local Expedia Market Manager. The opportunity arose to ‘jump the fence’ and move into Online Travel Agency (OTA) life. Unsure at the time of what this really meant I accepted the challenge and jumped. Everything that I had begun to dislike about my old position was replaced with positive, fast-paced transparent global movements, that constantly strive for better.

I work in a remote office, and 1.5 years in, I can honestly say that the #expedialife is not for everyone. You need to be ready to take charge, keep up and adapt to the constant change. If you’re bored, like I was working for a company that was ok with average, then joining Expedia Group is just what you need. From the day to day that is never the same, partners that offer continuous diversity from personalities through to business challenges.

Colleges that seem to be constantly charged with this buzz for achievement, improvement, and sharing to create and mold one team that grows together.

A company who is so transparent that it makes you feel included and important in achieving the results and goals outlined. The direction of the company communicated in such a way that you know your place, what you can do and how we are going to get there.

And in the center of it all technology that is at the forefront, continuously being improved and developed to ensure internally and externally we are the leader in online travel technology.

So, I guess some would say now I am an Expedian. If that means someone who loves their job and loves who they work for, then I will hold my hand high and confirm. I love having the trust of an employer that lets me manage my market in my own way, who gives me the room to be myself – while providing me with the tools to be my best self. I am grateful every day for the new career – and I know I am only just starting.