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Erin Evans

Developers, start your engines

Erin Evans On June 14th Expedia Group hosted a live, interactive DeepRacer experience at Expedia’s headquarters sponsored by AWS. DeepRacer is a 1/8th scale self-propelled model race car.  The objective […]

Kayla Chance

Vrbo Rebrand Series: Mobile App Team

From testing new technologies to launching the Trip Boards feature, the Vrbo mobile app team takes you behind the scenes of the brand refresh in part two of this series. […]

Kayla Chance

Vrbo Rebrand Series: Web App Team

What does it take to pull off a major brand refresh? A whole team of engineers, designers, marketers, and more! The Vrbo engineering team has been hard at work coding […]

Gianluca Della Corte

Amazon DocumentDB Review

Gianluca Della Corte | Systems Architect, in London Originally published on the Technology blog On January 9th Amazon announced a new database service called Amazon DocumentDB that they described as […]

Lewis Luther-Braun at dotSwift 2019

Lewis Luther-Braun |, London In the last week of January, two engineers from the iOS team went out to Paris, to partake in the 5th annual dotSwift conference. […]

Sheila Campbell

Three things I learnt being a scrum master

Giuseppe Sorrentino | User Interface Engineer, in Rome Originally published on The Technology Blog Introduction I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work in the […]

Sheila Campbell

Finatra in a Haystack

Originally published on The Technology Blog Ryan Burke | Software Development Engineer, in London Haystack is an Expedia-backed open source project to facilitate detection and remediation of problems with […]

Amanda McArthur

Deciphering Product Roles

Amanda McArthur | Talent Advisor, Expedia Group in Bellevue, WA Product, Technical Product, and Program Management. If you are in the product world, you know the struggle is real. Companies […]

Kayla Chance

Meet the HomeAway UX Research Team

After learning more about what our UX Research Team does, you may start to think their jobs resemble that of undercover spies. Between the two-way mirrors, eye tracking glasses, and […]